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Forest Restoration Implementation Efficiencies Workshop
Workshop Proceedings Document

Download the Workshop Proceedings document Summary A wide variety of innovative, efficient restoration practices being utilized on individual National Forests of central and eastern Oregon. The purpose of the Forest Restoration Implementation Efficiencies Workshop was to address the need for peer-to-peer learning opportunities between forest industry, contractors, collaborative groups, and Forest Service staff to utilize…

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Forest Operations
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Forest Operations
BOGDAN STRIMBU Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are expected to change the face of forestry as we know it. There are already significant advances in execution of various tasks that are either expensive or resource unfeasible, particularly in areas where access is difficult. This presentation focused on regeneration success, damage, soil compaction, and inventory. Download the...
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LanFin landscape financial model
Non-contact Tree Measurement for Harvesting
LUCAS WELLS During this presentation, we reviewed how the use of two lost-cost cameras, opperators are able to measure individual tree location and diameter. This technology can be mounted on forest harvesting machines and used by operators to measure tree diameters remotely. Operators can carry out DxP treatments from within the cab of the machine...
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Restoring Arizonas Forests Digital Restoration Guide
Restoring Arizona’s Forests Digital Restoration Guide
NEIL CHAPMAN The Nature Conservancy is working to accelerate the pace and scale of forest restoration within the 2.4 million acre Four Forest Restoration Initiative. Implementation bottlenecks include the low value of small-diameter wood and associated biomass and the tentative social acceptance of large-scale treatments. The Digital Restoration Guide, an integration of existing and emerging...
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Ground-based Harvest Operations to Limit Soil Impacts
Planning Ground-based Harvest Operations to Limit Soil Impacts
PAUL ADAMS Ground-based operations are a key part of dry forest restoration projects given their relatively reasonable costs and efficiencies. However, such operations can cause undesirable soil compaction and, on steeper slopes, increased risks of soil disturbance and erosion as well as concerns about safety and efficiency. Federal and state agency policies and guidelines include...
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Avenza Maps with Cut- To-Length Harvesting Systems
MATT MATTIODA Avenza Maps is a mobile map app that allows you to download maps for offline use on iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Use your device’s built-in GPS to track your location on any map, plot locations, measure distance and area. We explored how the Avenza Maps are changing the face of harvesting,...
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