Workshop Topics


Panel and Discussion Topics for the workshop included the list below.

The Economics of Forest Restoration

  • Making Forest Restoration Economical
  • Contractor Logging Costs & Opportunities for Cost-savings
  • Economics of Dry Forest Stewardship Projects
  • Using the LanFin Tool

From Inception to Implementation:  Planning for Success

  • Planning at the Landscape Scale
  • Making Use of Good Neighbor Authority
  • Authorities to Maximize Restoration
  • Packaging Federal Resources for All-lands Restoration

New Opportunities for Conventional Harvesting Systems and Biomass Utilization

  • Cut-to-Length vs Whole Tree Logging Systems
  • Biomass Utilization, Harvesting and Markets
  • Managing Slash: Needs, challenges, opportunities

Steep Terrain Harvesting Systems

  • Skyline Logging: New Approaches to Traditional Systems
  • Steep Slope Logging
  • Tethered Assist

Forest Treatments for Riparian Health

  • Hydrology Concerns for Treatments in Riparian Areas
  • Riparian Thinning Using Cut-to-Length
  • Riparian Thinning: An Example from the Deschutes National Forest

Cutting Edge Technologies for Sale Layout and Implementation

  • Virtual and Discernable Boundaries
  • Unmanned Aircraft
  • Tablet applications for Implementing Silvicultural Prescriptions
  • Using Avenza PDF Maps in Concert with CTL Harvesting Systems
  • Forest Restoration in the Tablet & Smart Phone era: Marking and Realtime Monitoring using the ICO APP
  • Non-contact tree measurement for forest harvesting machines

A Grounded Approach: Soil Considerations for Harvesting

  • Soil Matters – Improving Forest Landscape Planning and Management for Diverse Objectives with Soils Information and Expertise
  • Soil Resources Management for Logging in Steep Slopes
  • Interaction of Steep Slope Equipment with Soil Resources

Roads, Water Crossings and Culverts: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Roads, Crossings and Culverts
  • Prioritizing Roads, Crossings & Culverts with NetMap

Designation Methods: Lessons Learned

  • Alternative contracting methods and implementation strategies for commercial harvest
  • DxP and DxD

Managing Fire at the Right Place and Right Time

  • Prescribed Fire at Scale
  • Contracting Prescribed Fire


Now that the Workshop has concluded, we have compiled a centralized Resource Database to provide tools and educational information on dry forest restoration treatments for land managers, forest restoration industry and contractors, and collaborative stakeholders.


If you have any questions about the information presented here, please contact us at


Our thanks to the organizations that helped to make this workshop possible!

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