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Forest Restoration Implementation Efficiencies Workshop
Workshop Proceedings Document

Download the Workshop Proceedings document Summary A wide variety of innovative, efficient restoration practices being utilized on individual National Forests of central and eastern Oregon. The purpose of the Forest Restoration Implementation Efficiencies Workshop was to address the need for peer-to-peer learning opportunities between forest industry, contractors, collaborative groups, and Forest Service staff to utilize…

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Low Cost Approaches Stream Crossings
Low-cost Approaches to Stream Crossing
ANDY CONKLIN This discussion explored the various effective crossing options for both intermittent and perennial streams.   Download Low-cost Approaches to Stream Crossing presentation Read the Presentation Notes
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low cost road forest restoration
Low-cost Approaches to Roads
KEVIN VAN CLEAVE The discussion included the seasonality of road summer (dry and dusty), winter (frozen ground), and the freeze thaw break up. Which also included typical cost of road rocking and how that increases road costs.   Download Low-cost Approaches to Roads presentation
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bridges roads stream crossings forest restorations
Roads, Bridges and Stream Crossings
BETH DODSON Forest roads and water crossings appropriate to Eastern Oregon (or Eastside forests in the PNW in general). There are often significant issues in Eastside forests with access to harvest operations with both seasonal and permanent roads (e.g. aging or restrictive bridges, low volume harvest removals, use of temporary bridges, low water crossings etc.)....
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