Day: September 19, 2017

LanFin landscape financial model
Non-contact Tree Measurement for Harvesting
LUCAS WELLS During this presentation, we reviewed how the use of two lost-cost cameras, opperators are able to measure individual tree location and diameter. This technology can be mounted on forest harvesting machines and used by operators to measure tree diameters remotely. Operators can carry out DxP treatments from within the cab of the machine...
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soil resource management steep slope logging
Soil Resource Management for Steep Slope Logging
GINA RONE Conserving soil characteristics such as integrity, function, and productivity are always important in logging operations, but soil management is particularly challenging during harvest activities on steeper slopes (>35%). Soil conservation is important for future forest productivity, conservation of hydrologic function, and prevention of erosion, especially on steep slopes and above fish-bearing streams. Specific...
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